La profezia di Zelensky sulla guerra mondiale

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Su Il Giornale l’8 marzo 2022 è stato pubblicato un articolo dal titolo:

La profezia di Zelensky: “Ecco perché sarà guerra mondiale

L’articolo ha la firma di Federico Giuliani e riporta un virgolettato, questo:

Questo conflitto non finirà così ma scatenerà una guerra mondiale. Noi siamo stati i primi. Voi sarete i secondi. Perché più questa bestia mangia e più vorrà mangiare

Seguito da queste parole:

…ha affermato Zelensky nel corso di un’intervista rilasciata ad Abc News al programma World News Tonight.

Ma il Giornale non è l’unico ad aver usato queste parole per i suoi titoli:

Sotto riportiamo la trascrizione completa in inglese dell’intervista di David Miur di ABC News a Zelensky, è lunghetta e può essere ci siano piccole imprecisioni, al momentro è l’1:15 del 9 marzo 2022, sono dietro ad articoli sulla situazione in Ucraina dalle 22, ma non sono le piccole imprecisioni (più che altro mancano alcune maiuscole in quanto ho usato la trascrizione caricata da ABC su YouTube tutta in caps lock e rendendola minuscola, e purtroppo ha perso tante maiuscole) che minano ciò che vorrei che fosse chiaro.

Chi volesse comunque vederla invece che leggerla può comunque farlo:


Ve lo anticipo, è un testo lungo e in inglese, che nella parte di Zalensky è decisamente maccheronico:

>>> Hello, everyone. I’m David Muir and this is our interview with president Zelensky from Ukraine. his plea for help from the U.S. and NATO and what he needs most now. our conversation with the president of Ukraine becomes a worsening scene. civilians coming under attack while trying to flee to safety. He said Kyiv and other cities are being bombarded and praises the Ukrainian’s people courage saying we will endure. president Zelensky that just talked with president Biden again and we asked Zelensky what he’s hoping for from the U.S. and right here Zelensky’s message to Vladimir Putin, his worries about the safety of nuclear plant, one of the largest in Ukraine and Europe now in the hands of Russians. His message here in English to the American people. Our interview, the president’s words with help from Ukrainian government translator in the room at the office of the president in Kyiv. Mr. president, thank you for joining us. we’re aware of the situation around Kyiv right now. the fighting to the north, the fighting to the west. What is the situation on the ground there and how long do you think you can keep the capital of Kyiv?

>> We are being bombarded not only in the city of Kyiv, not only in the housing sectors but also in the suburbs of Kyiv, you can’t even recognize the way the capital looks right now. the city of Kharkov, Odessa, Mariupol, many cities are being bombed.

>> I know you’re aware of the reality on the ground when you list those cities where there is Russian bombardment right now. the Russians closing in. the pentagon of course here in the USA believes that about 95% of Russian troops that had been amassed along the Ukrainian border are now inside Ukraine. that would be nearly 150,000 troops. How long can the Ukrainian military, the Ukrainian people hold off the Russians?

>> I’m sure that Ukrainians are prepared to stand against Russia for their entire lives, even the cities that were occupied by Russian military. they have seen the response and feedback from ordinary people. these ordinary people didn’t have machine guns. this courage is something that is unprecedented and Russian soldiers don’t even have that courage. the problem is that a soldier of Ukraine, we have ten Russian soldiers and for one Ukrainian tank we have 50 Russian tanks but we’re destroying them and this difference, the gap is closing but the question is how long can we withstand many things depending not just on us. we will endure and even if they come into all our cities, there will be insurgency, insurgent war and no one will give away our independence. today is war and tomorrow down in Poland, down in Germany. this is serious. the united states is far away but in recent days, I do feel that united states are closer to us.

>> Mr. president, I wanted to get your reaction to what the kremlin announced a short time ago. they called these conditions to end this war. they said you must change your constitution to give up your wishes to join NATO, that you should recognize Crimea as part of Russia and that you recognize the independence of those two Russian separatist regions in the east. What is your message to Vladimir Putin now?

>> first, I’m ready for a dialogue, we’re not ready for the capitalization because it’s not me. this is about the people who elected me regarding NATO, I have cooled down regarding this question along time ago after we understood that NATO is not accepted Ukraine, the alliance is afraid of controversial things and never wanted to be a country taking something on its knees and we’re not going to be that country and I don’t want to be that president.

>> when the kremlin says the three conditions to end the war, you must give up on joining NATO, recognize Crimea as part of Russia and recognize the independence of the two separatist regions in the east to Vladimir Putin that will get this message from you, you say it’s a none starter, not willing for those three conditions now?

>> I’m talking about security guarantees. I think that items regarding temporary occupied territories and unrecognized republics that have not been recognized by anyone but Russia, these republics but we can discuss and find the compromise on how these territories will live on. what is important to me is how the people in those territories going to live who want to be part of Ukraine. who in Ukraine will say they want to have them in so the question is more difficult than sit simply acknowledging them. this is an ultimatum. what needs to be done is president Putin to start talking, start the dialogue instead of living in the informational bubble without oxygen. I think that’s where he is in this bubble, getting this information and you don’t know how realistic that information is that he’s getting. I think it’s a bit like in the smoke and mirror situation.

>> I know you spoke with president Biden again. I’m curious what’s the most important think you’re asking the president for, asking the u.s. for right now?

>> i told him that for us, the most important today is the security in the sky. we cannot allow Russia to be active only because they’re bombing us, they are shelling us, they are bombing us, they are sending missiles, helicopters, jet fighters. So a lot of things but we are not doing this because we don’t have the sky. we don’t control our sky.

>> the president and NATO said no to this no fly zone because concerns this could trigger a much wider conflict, a much bigger war than what we’re seeing already. because there would have to be a willingness to shoot Russian planes out of the sky. down that concern?

>> what do you mean to shoot down Russian planes? if the missile is flying, yesterday for example, the missile hit the university in the city of Kharkov and the dormitory and the same missile hit the pediatric clinic in Kyiv. so if this missile is flying, are you thinking whether to shoot it down or not? i think there is not any other answer but yes, yes, they need to be shot down. you have to preserve life. I’m sure that the brave American soldiers who would be shooting it down knowing that it is flying towards the students, I’m sure that they had no doubt in doing so.

>> Mr. president, i know that no one questions the horror unfolding in Ukraine right now. but the president has said here and lawmakers really in both parties, republicans and democrats stood behind the president on this, the concern about protecting, enforcing a no fly zone in Ukraine would lead to the possibility it would draw the USA into a wider war with Russia. that they’re simply not willing to do that.

>> we are a place in Europe, a place of freedom, its own freedom and everyone thinks that we are far away from America or Canada. no, we are this zone of freedom and when the limits of freedoms are being violated and stepped on, then you have to protect us because we will come first. you will come second. because the more this beast will eat he wants more, more and more.

>> Mr. president, you talked about the need for fighter jets. the USA is looking how to supply Russian jets from Poland. you had requested these jets because Ukrainian fighter pilots know how to fly the Russian planes. is there any movement on that front?

>> we ask not only the US, we asked many other countries, I’m not going to name them. we looked into this question. we know where these soviet planes are stationed, which countries host them and we ask this country and in many ways, it is the united states in many ways will be decisive.

>> do you believe the president could be doing more to help?

>> I’m sure the president could do more. I’m sure he can. and i would like to believe that, that he’s capable of doing that.

>> the USA secretary of state Antony Blinken said in the last 24 hours that the US is looking at credible reports that civilians have been intentionally targeted there in Ukraine saying if so, it would be a war crime. we of course, have seen these horrific images. do you believe Putin is deliberately attacking civilians?

>> why would i care? the result is the same. people are dying. the bombardment of the schools and kindergartens, the universities, the dormitory, the bombardment of nuclear power plant without even thinking that Europe may disappear if it hits the unit. every hour, every day, the same things are happening. people are dying.

>> do you believe Putin is a war criminal?

>> i think that all people who came to our land, all people who gave those orders, all soldiers who were shooting, they’re all war criminals.

>> let me ask you, Mr. president, it’s believed the west and US have offered to give you help to get out of that country alive. have they made that offer and how long will you stay?

>> yes, i was offered because there was a lot of information and several special groups who were sent to kill me and my family. i said, no because how can i do this? i am the citizen of my country. and i am the elected president of these people.

>> so you will stay until the end, no matter what that means?

>> well, i would like the end to be like in the Hollywood movies. the happy end for our country.

>>> i want to ask about Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant that came under attack now in control of the Russians. the internet has been shut down. the director of the IAEA called this extremely concerning. there are reports that workers at the plant have been operating at Russian gunpoint. what do you know about the safety and security of the largest nuclear power plant there in Ukraine and really across Europe?

> it was one of the most powerful in the world. first they were bomb boarding the territory. they hit the yard and building, the people who were managing this power plant died, not all of them but also the security personnel, part of that team they stayed and they are now inside the station. we instructed very quickly to decommission, to shut down nuclear power units in simple terms, to make sure they are not operational. the question is very simple, letting people into nuclear plant with machine guns who don’t even understand how this is working is not possible. this is why our people will stand until the last minute. so we proposed on that same night so give us the peace keepers and i ask them to support this initiative for the UN peace keepers to come to all of these nuclear power plants because this is about security and safety for Europe and for the whole world and inside we will have tactical experts and professionals working and until this very day, that question has not been addressed.

>> what I’m hearing from you is you have complete faith in the Ukrainian workers inside the nuclear power plants, both the largest plant taken over by the Russians in more than a week ago reports that the workers haven’t even changed shifts since the Russians took control, that you have faith in the workers but no way of confirming what is really happening inside the nuclear power plants.

>> they can’t even leave that place. they’re blocked. if they come out they will be taken by the terrorists. people stationed there within the tanks, with knives and believe me, these are not nuclear scientists or nuclear specialist. I’m not sure their education for that matter but the whole world can wait and think one week or two or three while our people will die there and these fighters will be able to come in. i think everyone has got the time for that. haven’t they?

>> Mr. president, we heard what Vladimir Putin told the Russian people. He said he’s denazifying Ukraine. we know you’re Jewish. you lost family members to the holocaust. I’m curious what would you tell Putin about  denazifying Ukraine?

>> i think that denazifying in general, in this case is about destroying the nation. this has started in history many times and ended in a very bad manner, but it ended for some countries in such a way these countries were afraid of having done this. there were countries who started cleansing the world from one nation or the other and other nations were then sorry they didn’t defend and didn’t protect other nation from this. in the current world, different nationalities but we have one human nation, nation of people t DE nazifying, the same happened in the 1940s with Germany. they were DE nazifying the Jewish people and they’re doing the same now. I’m in shock. i didn’t even know in the current world you can do things like that.

>> we watched your speech. we watched address to Europe, and you said if we will fall, you will fall. what did you mean by that?

>> i think Ukrainians are protecting their values that are shared by all modern people, not only the young population but all the people who enjoy their lives and we have the right for that. we’re protecting the values that are shared by everyone no matter what language you speak or where you live, and we are protecting those values today. and i know that if you allow Russian army to destroy these values, this will be the end because Ukrainians are burying those values and Europeans, as well but it is Ukrainian people who are going through this test, that is why you should help us because all of our people is the army of Europe now.

>> what would you like to say to Vladimir Putin right now?

>> i think he is capable of stopping the war that he started, and even if he doesn’t think that he was the one who started, he should know one important thing that cannot deny that stopping the war is what he’s capable of.

>> for the American people and for the people of the west who have been moved by your resilience and by the bravery of the Ukrainian people, do you have a message for them?

> i don’t know what to say. thank you very much. you know, what to say to Americans, i just want you to feel and to understand what it means for us freedom because always American people, they speak about freedom and they know what it is and now when you are looking at Ukrainians, I think you feel what that mean for us. so, we are not far from you. we are not far from you. and that’s why Americans, if you see and if you understand how we feel like, how we fight against all the enemies for our freedom, support us. support us. and not only with words with direct steps. do it. and i think we’ll win. of course, together, with all the world.

Ovviamente queste sono le parole scelte dal traduttore per riportare quanto Zelensky ha detto in un mix tra ucraino e inglese. E siamo d’accordo che in queste parole si parla di un conflitto più grande, si parla di Putin come “una bestia”. Ma la frase virgolettata che i giornali hanno utilizzato come titolo e base per i loro articoli non viene mai detta, mai con quel tono, mai con quei termini.

Zalensky prevede che se non interverrà nessuno in aiuto degli ucraini e la Russia riuscirà a invadere il Paese, costringendolo alla resa, la cosa non finirà lì. E ovviamente siamo tutti concordi nel dire che se questa guerra uscisse dai confini tra Russia e Ucraina si tratterebbe davvero della terza guerra mondiale, non serve che ce lo dica Zelensky. Ma lui non prevede che debba finire così, chiede aiuto, chiede aerei, chiede dimostrazioni pratiche di aiuto, e dice che con l’aiuto di tutti è possibile vincere, e che lo stesso Putin se volesse potrebbe ritornare sui suoi passi.

La parte sulla centrale nucleare andrebbe spiegata più di quanto fa Zelensky, ma sarà occasione di altro articolo, ché questo, se l’intervista ve la siete letta tutta, è già decisamente oltre gli standard di lunghezza di BUTAC, sperando ovviamente che ABC News non se ne abbia a male.

Non credo di poter aggiungere altro.

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