Eli David and the malinformation

At the beginning of the pandemic, several people shared this photograph online:

bare Bergamo

The photograph did not represent what was described in the post (here translated from italian):

It’s just a kind of flu they said #bergamooggi – STAY AT HOME this is Bergamo.

The photo soon went viral all over the world, but in Italy it was immediately debunked and explained by the fact checkers at Open. In December 2021 the photo went viral once again thanks to a post by Dr. Eli David, a pandemic denier, who spread it with the implication that since the photo was false and showed coffins of immigrants in Lampedusa in 2013, then the pandemic must have been fake too. In December 2021 David Puente debunked the post, explaining that Eli David was misleading his (many) followers.

But hardly any foreigners follow OPEN (or BUTAC for that matter) and Eli David took no notice of Puente’s explanation, sharing the same post once again on November 5 2022:

Eli David continues to claim that the emergency in Bergamo in February 2020 never happened and there was no real problem with coffins in the area. But Eli David is lying to his followers, exploiting a hoax post, but failing to explain that while the photo was fake, the coffin emergency was entirely real, as shown by the queues of military trucks called in to help transport the coffins.

Eli David is a pandemic denier. It doesn’t matter how many followers he has, but all these people are being tricked and lied to.

maicolengel at butac punto it

This article is available in italian here.

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